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Side-by-Side Couples Massage
in Kamloops

It’s All About You Massage provides luxurious massage services to Kamloops and the surrounding area. Based in Valleyview, our team of massage therapists are passionate about promoting harmony and balance in your body through the power of healing massages.

Their signature side-by-side couples massages allow you to enjoy some relaxing quality time with your partner.

Interested in a couples massage? Book an appointment today!

What is a Side-by-Side massage?

A body partner massage takes place in a dual treatment room, usually with two massage beds set up in the same room. Two people (typically a couple) enjoy a massage as two massage therapists work on each individual at the same time. The massage therapists will start at the same time and coordinate the treatment for the couple.

Why should I get a couples massage?

A side-by-side massage (also known as couples massage) is a great way to enhance the mental and physical benefits of a massage treatment. It can be used as an element in a day of romance or as a special treatment with a friend or other loved one.

Many couples enjoy receiving couples massages on Valentine’s Day. It can be an opportunity for couples to bond and create a sense of increased love and affection. Side by side aromatherapy is a gentle and indulgent choice for couples looking to spend time together in a calm space.

Maybe you can use the side-by-side massage as a chance to try something new and exciting together as a couple? This massage experience can be an excellent way to introduce yourself or your partner to the relaxing benefits of massage therapy. 

Enjoying something new with someone close can help deepen the bond you have together and increase your mutual affection towards each other.

Interested in a side-by-side massage? Book an appointment today!

What are the benefits of a Side-by-Side massage?

In addition to the benefits of any massage, this is a good opportunity for you both to talk and reconnect in a relaxing environment. Side-by-side massages are a great way to realign your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. You can use the massage as an opportunity to relieve aches and pains after a long day or stressful event. 

Do I need to be in a couple?

Although Side-by-Side Massage is great for couples it can be enjoyed by any two people who want to share a relaxing and revitalizing experience.

Many people see side-by-side massage treatments as a good way to introduce their partners or loved ones to the benefits of massage therapy. Someone unfamiliar with massages may be reluctant to try it alone but can be convinced to go with someone they know.

What can we expect from a Side-by-Side massage?

There will be an initial consultation with the massage therapist before any treatment. This will be to review your session goals, discuss any concerns, and will give you a chance to ask any questions you may have. 

Then the therapist will leave while you and your massage partner disrobe and lie down with sheets covering you.

Book your side by side couples massage in Kamloops today!

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