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Facial Treatments
in Kamloops

It’s All About You Massage provides lush and sensual facial treatments to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin while promoting a healthy complexion. Our therapists use the highest quality products and are dedicated to creating a sensual environment for you to receive a luxurious facial treatment. 

A facial is a skin care treatment that involves exfoliating and cleansing to eliminate dirt, dead skin and impurities. A facial can have a lot of benefits even if you do not have any chronic skin issues. Plus there are more than just dermatological advantages. Facials help reduce stress and anxiety by engaging your sympathetic nervous system. They can help you restore your skin’s natural elasticity, remove impurities and even encourage collagen production. 

At It’s All About You, the range of facials we offer is wide and varied; The best way to find what would suit you best is to Get in Touch.

Here is some more information on just three of the facial treatments we provide:

Classic European Facial

The European facial, also commonly referred to as the classic spa facial, is a simple and often quick way to improve your skin’s overall appearance and health. The European facial is designed to detoxify and exfoliate the skin without any complicated techniques. The facial will unclog your pores, remove any residual makeup, relax tension in the face and reduce the appearance of lines, age spots and blemishes. It is a basic but very thorough treatment.

HydraRefine Facial

Our specially curated HydraRefine Facial is great for controlling oils, ridding the skin of impurities, and reducing the possibility of future breakouts. We use Seaweed, lemongrass, and cucumber to leave your skin feeling refreshed, renewed, and ultra-clean.

The treatment is designed to give you a brightening and hydrating effect that can be seen and felt after each treatment. A hydra facial treatment is very popular if you are looking to deeply clean and exfoliate the skin while delivering serums tailored towards your unique skin type.

Are you interested in booking a Facial in Kamloops? Book Your Treatment Today!

Hydra 4 Facial

At It’s All About You Massage, we also offer a Hydra 4 facial treatment. This treatment is formulated to gently remove traces of residual dirt and makeup effectively without harming your sensitive skin. Based on several years of dermatological research, the treatment includes new, innovative ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The Hydra4 facial is great for sensitive skin since it is designed to neutralize hyper-reactivity without causing further harm.

Facial Add-ons

Glycolic Peel

We also offer an exclusive additional procedure that can be added to any facial treatment for an affordable price. Our Glycolic Peel is an express ticket to smoother, brighter, and more luminous skin. This 10-minute treatment will help reduce the appearance of aging, uneven skin tone and long-term sun exposure.

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