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"Deeper Dimensions" Deep Tissue Massage
in Kamloops

It’s All About You Massage is a massage service provider based in Kamloops, British Columbia. Our dedicated massage therapists have a passion for providing an therapeutic massage experience. At It’s All About You Massage we offer a variety of different treatments including our Deeper Dimensions Massage. 

A Deeper Dimension massage (aka Deep Tissue massage) is widely used to treat chronic aches and pains. To do this the therapist must apply greater pressure by applying slow, forceful strokes. 

Your massage therapist will use their forearms, elbows, and pressure points to manipulate your tight muscles, joints and ligaments. 

The technique targets areas of tension by applying concentrated pressure to the sub-layer of muscles and the connective tissue that surrounds them; this can aid with releasing strains and knots. 

Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage 

There are numerous advantages of a deep tissue massage. They can be mental, physical and/or psychological. Here is a list of a few of the most important benefits:

Relief of Inflammation

The increased blood flow stimulated by the massage can aid in reducing inflammation and promoting faster healing.

Increased Range of Motion

Deep Tissue massages can improve the range of movement in tight muscles and joints to increase the range of motion you can comfortably withstand. 

Improved Mental Wellbeing

Massage can support improved mental health. It causes relaxation and can stimulate the production of endorphins and dopamine to help ease you into a feeling of contentment.

Reduced Pain Perception

A Deep tissue massage can help manage pain in chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, sciatica and arthritis. It can also be used to treat headaches, migraines and control pain during childbirth.

Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

The use of the hands and arms in the massage can create a warming effect which in turn can lower your blood pressure and ease your heart rate.

Who should have a Deeper Dimension Massage?

This treatment is for anyone looking for a firmer massage in Kamloops. This treatment is popular among those who are recovering from muscle injuries due to sports, fitness or an accident. Deeper Dimension massages offer to soothe physically and psychologically - unlike other massages that focus solely on relaxation.

In some cases, this massage is considered too strong for someone who is looking for a regular massage experience. Visit our relaxation massage page for something more relaxing.

What Can I Expect at a Deep Tissue Massage?

Your massage therapist will start by warming up your muscles with light pressure, before massaging any target areas with slow strokes. They will take care as they apply deep pressure with the palms of their hands, arms and elbows. This thorough technique works to release the contracted muscles and tissues. 


Some people can benefit from repeat treatments to see any marked improvements in areas of deep muscle tension, strain or injury. Many of our Kamloops clients have experienced these benefits.


At It’s All About You, your deeper dimensions deep tissue massage may include hot stones on your back, warm towels and some light stretching to help you feel relaxed as you restore balance.


Are you interested in a deep tissue massage in Kamloops? Book an appointment today!

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